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Teacher Evaluation and Assessment

Teacher Evaluation and Assessment

Understand more about teacher evaluation and assessment by working with popular models as you analyze and compare your school's evaluation model. Review comprehensive performance assessment and evaluation systems that provide targeted support, assistance, and professional growth opportunities based on teachers’ and students' needs as well as those of the, schools and district. Full Description


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Teacher Evaluation and Assessment

Explore and evaluate teacher assessment and evaluation models that aim to help strengthen the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and classroom practices of teachers. Then apply what you have learned to your own district to identify areas of weakness and recommend strategies for improvement. 

During this course you will

  • An analysis of a previous teacher evaluation for alignment to Danielson or Marzano 
  • An analysis of a previous teacher evaluation for alignment NBPTS and ISTE teacher standards 
  • An evaluation tools that assesses the strengths and weakness of selected evaluations 
  • An analysis of your school's existing teacher evaluation model aligned to Danielson or Marzano. 
  • Two (or more) recommendations for improvements to evaluation protocols
  • Recommendations for professional growth opportunities, targeted support, and assistance aligned with individual needs those of the students, the school, and the district.
by Liz L. on July 19, 2020
The course was interesting and informative, but there were a number of incorrect answers on the practice milestone. Studying from the practice milestone negatively impacted my score on the. final milestone as well as impacted my understanding of the content.
by kim s. on April 29, 2020
This course gave me a lot of information about why we have to do teacher evaluations. I am more familiar with the process and expectations.
by Susan B. on February 24, 2020
Really good course. I learned a lot about the history & background of effective teacher evaluation.
by Deirdre B. on January 6, 2020
This took me a while to complete, but the practice milestones were helpful for the real milestones.
by Briana E. on September 14, 2019
Straight forward and very informational. I enjoyed learning the information in this course and had no idea I had so much to learn about teacher evaluation and assessment.
by Jessica K. on February 7, 2019
I learned a lot of helpful information, but some inconsistencies with questions/answers were frustrating throughout the process.
by Jonalyn C. on June 12, 2018
Good course. I understand evaluations much better and the process. I also understand now that this data goes to a higher source as well and that each school has to follow certain standards of measurements and that they report to more than just a district level.
by Keenan G. on January 12, 2017
Very Very informative material within this course. I learned educational laws and techniques that I was not aware of. I will certainly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their teaching awareness. Mr. Gleeden