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Flipping Your Classroom

Flipping Your Classroom

You've heard about it; now try it! Develop a lesson using the flipped classroom model and try it with your students. Using a constructivist, problem-based learning approach, you will learn to increase engagement by creating and testing your very own flipped lesson. Full Description


How Capella PD can work for you.

Your Time

Competency-based coursework makes it easy to learn on your time and at your pace, at home or on the go. It’s professional learning on your terms.

Your Class

Application questions within the course send teachers into their classrooms to practice and reflect upon what they have learned applying your learning with your students.

Your Career

Choose to earn professional contact hours or graduate credit and power your career as you see fit from personal growth through to a graduate degree.


Flipping Your Classroom

There are many ways to use 1:1 computing in the classroom.  Explore blended learning and "bring your own device" (BYOD) strategies as you build and implement a flipped classroom lesson.

During this course you will build

  • A template for creating flipped lessons for your students
  • A flipped lesson to implement in your classroom
  • An evaluation tool for continuous improvement 
by Kelly S. on October 30, 2020
Great program!
by April B. on July 30, 2020
Very informative class that provides the ideas and basis for implementing a flipped classroom approach. However, the assessments are not well written and the scenarios often have other answers that could be correct.
by Betsaida M. on July 3, 2020
I loved that I was able to pace the lessons at my time. I loved being able to review tutorials and grasping the content. It helped not to make the PD be only a verbal event without the ability not to expand thought and reflection in how to apply the conceptions being presented.
by Taylor H. on June 16, 2020
I liked the set up of this class. I thought some of the focus should be shifted more towards application than learning the framework. For example, in practice, it doesn't matter if a teacher can remember which "pillar" they are addressing, it is more important that they know multiple ways to address it. Therefore, I think there should be fewer questions that ask "which pillar is this teacher addressing when they..."
by Chris R. on June 13, 2020
Questions in final milestone seemed extremely vague and not at all in line with the practice milestone. Overall tutorials were very informative and teachers were excellent, but final was very disappointing.
by Julie J. on May 26, 2020
Very well organized course. Thank you
by Deena C. on May 25, 2020
I'm not sure if I can do this with Kindergarten. But I would love to try?
by Christine M. on May 24, 2020
This was very informative. Seeing some videos of it in action would make it even better.