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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

Increasing use of digital tools with your students? Are you confident about their safety? Evaluate ways that you and your students can become responsible digital citizens as formed by the Children’s Internet Safety Act, Children’s Online Protection Act and ISTE standards. Learn how to responsibly access, evaluate, and use online resources and social media using the nine elements of digital citizenship, cyber-safety and cyber-bullying. Full Description


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Digital Citizenship

With today's technology and wide-spread access, more and more teachers are using digital tools to engage their students.  This course explores issues of safety, security and etiquette.  First you will learn how to evaluate their lessons for digital safety so that you can safely plan and implement technology-enhanced lessons.  Next you will create your digital safety policies for students and parents. Using these new skills, you will then create a digital assignment that puts your learning into practice. 

During this course you will build 

  • An evaluation model to check your lessons for digital safety
  • Classroom digital safety policies 
  • A student assignment that contributes to a student's positive digital footprint.


59 Student Reviews
by Jose M. on June 17, 2020
I feel well prepared to implement Digital Citizenship protocols in my class and influence decisions in my district.
by DONNA G. on April 26, 2020
Lots of errors in the test information, different accepted answers. Questions ask about information that is not covered in the material
by Brenda H. on April 23, 2020
Easy to navigate. I learned a lot! Thanks!!
by Susan B. on February 24, 2020
REALLY great course. Well organized & easy to understand. The instructor is very good & really knows the content.
by Heather O. on February 4, 2020
by Deirdre B. on January 5, 2020
Digital Citizenship was so....easy!!!!! The milestone practice was similar to the milestone and the questions were common sense questions.
by Cynthia M. on December 19, 2019
This course helped me understand the nuances of digital citizenship as it relates to teaching and everyday life.
by Toni D. on November 12, 2019
This was extremely informative and enjoyable. I was easy to navigate and review.