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Designing Instruction for Adaptive Learning

Designing Instruction for Adaptive Learning

Want to learn how to develop lessons and assessments that allow for multiple means of representation, action and engagement? Develop the competency and skills use Universal Design for Learning to incorporate instructional technologies and create lessons that can easily adapt to each of your students. Full Description


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Designing Instruction for Adaptive Learning

Instructional technologies provide so many new ways that we can improve learning for students with diverse needs.  It all starts with learning to  design lessons that can use different technologies to adapt to individual needs and outcomes. UDL (Universal Design for Learning) provides the framework and you provide the lesson.    

During this course you will build

  • An UDL (Universal Design for learning) evaluation of one of your current lessons  
  • A  lesson (new or revised) using UDL 
  • A reflection of your UDL lesson post-implementation
by Taylor G. on September 12, 2020
A wonderful course that will aid in planning instruction in a new way that is best for your students!
by April B. on July 23, 2020
Examples in the Instructional videos often don't correlate or give direction on the examples in the Challenge questions.
by Christina B. on December 4, 2019
While I enjoyed learning about UDL, there were frequent errors in the assessment questions, from grammatical to content-related errors, as well as ambiguous questions. I didn't feel that the proper time was taken to ensure that this course was ready. It's still a good free course, though, with a lot of good content.
by Joseph S. on October 15, 2019
The quizzes were based too much on the trivia of the exact words that the lecturers used and not based enough on the concepts ostensibly being taught. The videos violated a number of principles of instructional design.
by Ellen J. on September 2, 2019
Several of the videos had closed caption, which I didn't know how to turn off. Good course as it complemented some designing work that I did this summer. Thanks
by Yuanhu G. on August 5, 2019
UDL is very useful for teachers to study and it is very good for students to learn.
by Briana E. on July 25, 2019
A few of the milestone questions were inconsistent with information in the challenges and tutorials. Other than that, a great course! I found this very informational, easy to navigate, and full of useful information that EVERY teacher should be aware of. Great course!
by clive c. on July 23, 2019
This is a very educative course.It has helped me to advance my knowledge and skills in work as a teacher.This is all for my learners.