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Collaborative Learning Environments

Collaborative Learning Environments

Interested in project-based learning? Are your students collaborating more? Build techniques for creating secure digital learning environments for student group work and collaboration. Explore how to leverage technology to expand collaborative learning opportunities for both traditional and online classrooms. Full Description


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Collaborative Learning Environments

Focus on the implementation of virtual and in-person collaborative learning opportunities. Explore structures and systems that can be implemented to leverage technology in collaborative learning while building the skills necessary to your students are safe.  

During this course you will build

  • An evaluation tool to assess activities and identify areas for collaboration
  • A problem-based activity (or adapt one) to maximize collaboration
  • A reflection on collaborative PBL activity post-implementation


19 Student Reviews
by Susan B. on May 12, 2020
Really good class. Very straightforward & easy to follow. High quality content. I learned a lot about problem based & project based learning. Would highly recommend this class. Excellent instructor too.
by Ernestine M. on March 29, 2020
Informative and useful for classroom practice. Videos were clear and well made.
by Rita G. on November 3, 2019
Really enjoyed this course.
by Briana E. on July 26, 2019
Great overview of all the other courses I've taken through sophia. Highly recommend taking this after taking all the other courses categorized under "setting up a modern classroom." The content was organized very well - its just hard to remember everything so I suggest taking a few notes. The milestone wasn't too difficult which was great.
by Michaela R. on June 14, 2019
great information
by Christine L. on May 15, 2019
There was a lot of information in this course that sounded very similar in nature which made it slightly confusing. For example PBL could mean problem based or project based learning.
by Jeanine Z. on March 24, 2019
Much of this content was what I studied 17 years ago when first obtaining my teaching license. It was a nice refresher; I intend to use it more often now.
by Janean J. on September 21, 2018
So much of the terminology and theories were interconnected, similar, and related that it made answering the questions feel tricky and confusing. Really need to focus on this one. Still it's free PD so I am not going to complain. Thank you for providing this!