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Classroom Device Management

Classroom Device Management

Adding devices to your school or classroom? Are you engaging students with tablets, laptops, smart phones? Explore structures and systems used in managing a variety of devices and instructional planning in a 1:1 learning environment. Build a classroom plan to keep your students safe—and yourself sane. Full Description


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Application questions within the course send teachers into their classrooms to practice and reflect upon what they have learned applying your learning with your students.

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Classroom Device Management

Nothing can end a lesson faster than not having devices on-hand and accounted for or not knowing a log-in code.  Knowing what to think about (and what to do) when creating a technology resource inventory will save you many headaches in the future.  Setting clear and purposeful expectations for technology use with your students (and parents) will save you even more. 

During this course you will  build 

  • A technology resource inventory for your class 
  • Articulated and communicated classroom expectations for technology use with your students
  • Refined and revised classroom policies post-implementation 
by Susan B. on October 5, 2020
The assessment questions don't always line up with the content. Many of the questions are focused on tiny, details that aren't important instead of the main ideas.
by Taylor G. on August 22, 2020
An amazing course that I will be recommending to all of my colleagues looking to further their knowledge in technology management and use in their classrooms!
by Denisa D. on June 26, 2020
The practice Milestone helped tremendously
by Millicent A. on June 20, 2020
This course is 25 contact hours if completed without the Touchstone. I finished it in an afternoon. The material is presented in video format with a guide as to which minute to find a topic. The questions are mostly based on the female instructor's tutorials.
by Erika D. on April 7, 2020
This course was a little tough!
by Cynthia A. on April 4, 2020
This course was easy to navigate. The tutorials were understandable and had good content and interesting material. Lots of information and ideas to use in the classroom and in protecting students, teachers, and the school. I completed this course on a Saturday with several mini breaks, and recommend it.
by Stephanie H. on March 22, 2020
This course really did make me think about how I have set up technology expectations in my classroom and ways I should reassess my expectations for students in my classroom.
by Shannon P. on August 31, 2019
I loved this course! It was very informative and helped me design my blended learning environments. The instructors were very knowledgeable and their videos helped me learn the material well.